Specific anti-influenza virus and normal transfer factors prepared in an experimental animal model, the pig, have been tested for their components, characteristics, and activity of known specificity. Two transfer factors are small molecular mixture which consist entirely or partly of polypeptides and polynucleosides. Moreover, the biological activity of transfer factors could be approved by Rosettes test and specific skin test. The study would la
Эффекты орального применения диетической добавки с Ai/E¹ º® На активность клеток натуральных киллеров у здоровых людей.Диализированный экстракт из лейкоцитов (DLE) водили 12 здоровым людям , среди которых были мужчины и женщины в возрасте 24-63.
Background: Skin cancers are common, and there has recently been a dramatic increase in their incidence, particularly in the occurrence of melanoma. Furthermore, relapse after curative surgical treatment of melanoma remains a significant clinical challenge and accounts for most of the mortality of this disease. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine whether IMMUNEPOTENT CRP affects B16F10 melanoma cells and tumors growth and vascular e
Objective:To observe the montelukast factor transfer factor used in clinical treatment of children with asthma.Methods:The hospital respiratory department 130 patients with mild to moderate asthma according to randomly assigned to treatment group 65 cases
Influence of various forms of dialyzable leukocyte extracts on rat adjuvant arthritis.(Dialyzable leukocyte is another term for transfer factors)Stancikova M, Rovensky J, Pekarek J, Orvisky E, Blazickova S, Cech K.Research Institute of Rheumatic Diseases, Slovak Republic.
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